Monday, June 11, 2012

This post is dedicated to my current office which will be my former office this September 2012!

Have u ever encountered a situation where 7 staffs tender their resignation in the same month?
This ROBERT BIRD ASSOCIATES a.k.a PERUNDING RBA has!!! dasat kan..huhu...

Beware if u ever think to apply on the below post..
Read the belos testimonials first and think twice..thrice is better, nope2, think fries hokkay!! heheheheh
Robert Bird Group, an International Consulting Group with offices in Australia, UK, Middle East and Malaysia. We are seeking young, energetic and dynamic personnel to complement our Malaysian office.

Bekas pekerja 1 kate: 
"kne ade disiplin tggi bru blh apply.lg satu, org tu kne pendiam sgt

Bekas pekerja 2 kate:
"kena tulis balik iklan ni: RB Group, an International Consulting with offices in Australia, uk, middle east and poor malaysia. we are seeking mute (no talking), deaf (can ignore the shouting) and wheel-bound (less movement) personnel to complement our malaysian office. A volunteer are most welcome as we only have limited fund to pay our staffs."

Bekas pekerja 3 kate:
"aku rs 1 lg ciri2 yg ofis nih cr--- > candidate is not allowed to have children....
annual leave freeze, EL freeze... ntah2 seksok MC pon die freeze kan..saiko2~~~~

Bekas pekerja 4 kate:
  • "satu lg ciri2..
  • org tu jugak xsuka mkn,
  • xda la nk brekfas je

Monday, November 1, 2010

this weekend, i've been cracking my mind and setting up myself for better work plan.. hmm.. im kinda lost myself this 2, dat's a lot of time i've been wasting...adeyhh.. ngokngek nye myself...aaaaaaa~ =(

during the weekend, i manage to force myself to prepare an abstract for ASEAN Australian Engineering Congress (AAEC). will know either the paper is accepted or not by 15 Dec. please oh please, be accepted..
TITLE: Treatment of Stormwater Runoff Containing Treated Domestic Watewater Effluent by Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland.

and i've been dealing with the editor of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MRCJ) since last week. wish they would consider my work to be reviewed and published in that journal..please oh please, be published..
TITLE: Studies on the Application of Vegetative Swale for the Treatment of Stormwater Runoff from Construction Sites.

now i'm writing a full paper for a conference. the abstract has been submitted and accepted. this paper will be presented in Australia next year during the International Conference on Integrated Water Management (IWM). please oh please, be completed..
TITLE: The Treatment of Oily Wastewater by Biofiltration Systems.

dont forget your field work. nuh wetland nuh, siler take extra notes on that.
- rectify the broken pump;
- provide complete methodology on water sampling;
- run the wetland!!!

* it's november now...time flies so fast. dont even realize that it's nearly end of the year. Symposium is nearing. Dr Shark will most likely kill me.. urghhh~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

oh projek ku~~

introducing my M.Sc. project to all:

a subsurface flow constructed wetland

sesungguhnya im going a lil bit crazy doing dis project.. seyes da jd buruh kasar, minah indon n yada3~~ da hitam kelam da aku nih..

lucky me dat my fiance willing to help. his parents also kinda give me full effort and encourage him to come here and help...oh, sgt syg kamoo2 smua~~~ ^___^

well, dis project isn't completed yet.. nih br construction stage..i have to get into the experimentation phase ASAP.. da x sanggup da wat keje nih smua..mau cpt habis.. plish3~~~

------> FARAH!!!! kaman2..u know u can make it!! (am i??? hehe)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

waaa...giler berzaman lameye aku x update blog nih..

kinda busy, or lebey kepada pura2 busy.. n kinda malas! huhu

nak update pasal love story, otak kenkadang terpesong pk master story.. hmm.. my life's going gAGa having few additional commitments..

but still, he is a wonderful thing ever happen to me (a bit jiwang coz aku br je anta encik tunang aku nih naik bas td..)
-- gonna mis him--
sangat suke tgk die men chess~ stressing...haha
lalala~~~ ^_^

p/s: will try not to abandon dis blog.. nanti susah aku nak keep track of things.huu~~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

patient of L

who is she??
and why??
cube teka~~~
p/s: cik nony aka H..siler silent mode okay..ahha

Thursday, July 15, 2010

xnak pk kawen~

why cant i split my mind into 2~
half for wedding stuff and half for my master
sy nak wat master!

sy harus hbs kan master!

sy xnak pk mende2 kawen!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

da dpt my WP

hehe..ape tuh WP??
Wedding Photographer! hihi
after a long discussion smlm..i finally hired a young man to be my WP. will reveal him later on.=p

his package includes:
-1 day akad nikah
-1 day kenduri
-1 day outdoor
-1 storyboard (22 pages)
-1 sticky album (100 4R)
- softcopy given

price (part plg aku ske):

*'s very much indeed within my budget and his photos are quite good, plus he will cover for 3 days okay~ lalala..sgt gembira..hopefully tiada aral melintang for him and me in the future.. plish3..~ =p


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