Monday, June 11, 2012

This post is dedicated to my current office which will be my former office this September 2012!

Have u ever encountered a situation where 7 staffs tender their resignation in the same month?
This ROBERT BIRD ASSOCIATES a.k.a PERUNDING RBA has!!! dasat kan..huhu...

Beware if u ever think to apply on the below post..
Read the belos testimonials first and think twice..thrice is better, nope2, think fries hokkay!! heheheheh
Robert Bird Group, an International Consulting Group with offices in Australia, UK, Middle East and Malaysia. We are seeking young, energetic and dynamic personnel to complement our Malaysian office.

Bekas pekerja 1 kate: 
"kne ade disiplin tggi bru blh apply.lg satu, org tu kne pendiam sgt

Bekas pekerja 2 kate:
"kena tulis balik iklan ni: RB Group, an International Consulting with offices in Australia, uk, middle east and poor malaysia. we are seeking mute (no talking), deaf (can ignore the shouting) and wheel-bound (less movement) personnel to complement our malaysian office. A volunteer are most welcome as we only have limited fund to pay our staffs."

Bekas pekerja 3 kate:
"aku rs 1 lg ciri2 yg ofis nih cr--- > candidate is not allowed to have children....
annual leave freeze, EL freeze... ntah2 seksok MC pon die freeze kan..saiko2~~~~

Bekas pekerja 4 kate:
  • "satu lg ciri2..
  • org tu jugak xsuka mkn,
  • xda la nk brekfas je


  1. Anonymous said...
    salam..dpt keje kat Robert Bird ke? mcm mn interview dia coz esk sy dpt interview dgn company ni interview dlm BI ke BM? hehe
    Anonymous said...
    Cm ner senario RB py company ??? Klu company ok sy nak tender resign notice ngan company lama....

    Anonymous said...
    to anonymous,
    please jgn tender resign dgn kompeni skg..
    Anonymous said...
    Salam, dpt interview kt company ni esk. Mcm dasat jer testimoni ex worker. teruk sgt k?
    Anonymous said...
    company ni panggil interview mggu depan.. mcm dasyat je.. takot pulak..

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